Exotic Fire Dragon "The Three Masuda Brothers"

Brilliant Justice! "Galien Barbie"

Duke of Darkness 'Bristol Magnificent Parker'

King of the Masklord Empire ”Merristall Irish II”

Cherry Alien "Busk・4"(Gray ver.)

The Bite Monster "Terman"

Mermaid・Unicorn "Penny・Pit”

Hero of the H2O Planet "Shark Magnum"

Life in the Ring "Fighter Masukage"

Over Eater "Matsuko" the Alien

Monster of Icecream "Ice・Man" (Gray ver.)

Mopey Boy "Cazul Mas"

Milchy the Flying Guardian (Gray ver.)

Walkin' Fish Party "Whittsy"

Deep-Sea Prince "Leonard"

Magical Unicorn "The Hiel Sisters"

Hyper Destroy  Couple "Boiler&Pao Pao"

Flicker Glitter Viscountess "Meloline Montrail"

Three-Eye Alien "Pammy"

Skeleton ・Mehh〜Man ”Katsumi"

Two-eyes Alien "Camomile・Pasta"

Butterfly Fairy "Patter・Butter"

Try the Patience of a Saint "God・Cat"

Franken-Brothers "Guston & Tommy"

Long-neck Tiger Dragon "Victor Malo"

Best Buddy! "Doggy The One" (Gray ver.)

Old-Mother Dinosaur "Alum"

Electricity Master "Count Patch"

Wizard of Bubbles "Countess Custard" (Gray ver.)

Shrimp & Horse Hybrid Monster "The Shrimptaur"

My Best Alien Buddy "Kani Ka-ni" (Gray ver.)


Pop-up Shisa "Yaya-Boo" (Gray ver.) (3D ver.)

Flying Cow Creature "Moo-moo Cow" (3D ver.)(Silver ver.)

Strongest Wooper-looper "Pichie" (3D ver.)

It's a Piece of Cake! "Masanosuke" (3D ver.)

Flying Cow Creature "Moo-moo Cow" (3D ver.)

Emperor of the Sea "Mr. Arm-Creeper" (3D ver.)